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Our seating experience, commitment to quality, affordable customization, and dedication to service set us apart from the competition.

Affordable Customization

Our ability to customize our products, without adding significant costs, allows us to provide you with a product which is tailored to your specific needs. A multitude of options including custom cast ends, custom embroidered logos and custom colors are just a few ways we can help you to design furniture that is as unique as your venue.


Our seating is either hand-selected or designed by our staff and goes through an evaluation process in which every component of our furniture is disassembled and inspected. By doing this, we can guarantee our manufacturing partners are providing us with a product that we can be confident will serve you and meet our high quality standards.

Service & Support

All fixed seating projects are managed and installed in-house by our trained factory staff. From your first contact with Davis Furniture Company, our customer service coordinators will evaluate your project and guidelines to make sure you get information on all products appropriate for your individual needs.

Since 1979

Founded in 1979 by Ed and Pat Davis, we got our start in the furniture refinishing business, repairing and restoring furniture to its original state. Ed and Pat observed what components and construction are used in good furniture, versus what it takes to make a great product.
With this experience and knowledge, Davis Furniture Company moved into manufacturing new furniture, including pews, chairs and commercial furniture.

Focused Growth

As our client’s needs expanded, we added manufacturing partners, who were evaluated to have the same quality in manufacturing and service as Davis Furniture Company.
Today we primarily focus on fixed seating including theater seating and pews, however we do have a wide array of products available to meet your specific needs and allow us to be a single source provider of high quality furnishings.

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